Top 10 Things to Do in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the biggest waterfall in the world. It’s also divided by Zimbabwe and Zambia, with one side being called “Zambia’s thundering falls” and the other side called “Zimbabwe’s smoke that thunders.” With so many magnificent things to do, it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry! We’ve narrowed down the [...]

Victoria Falls Bridge Activities

Victoria Falls Bridge After the legendary Victoria Falls, The Victoria Falls Bridge is another legendary landmark that adds icing to the Victoria Falls to visit and see list. The Victoria Falls Bridge was the dream of one man Cecil John Rhodes who envisioned a connected Africa with a rail stretching from Cape to Cairo. He [...]

Above Victoria Falls – Flights Over the Falls

Scenes so lovely that the angels stopped to catch the view of the awe aspiring Victoria Falls, are the famous words word quoted by Daving Livingstone when he first viewd Victoria Falls. Helicopter and Microlight Flights over Victoria Falls offer travellers amazing scenes over Victoria Falls. Helicopters flights can be enjoined both in Livingstone and [...]